The Crime Scene: Escape Room Edition

By Kristina

On Thursday June 21 and Friday June 22, 6M had to come up with their own crime scene in groups. After the groups had made up their crime scenes, Miss Major will ask a group on a list of people who is going. They will set up their crime scene however they want, then 3 different groups will go in and try to figure out the crime scene of that group or what happend. They will have 7 minutes to figure out their crime. When their time is out, they will go out of the ‘escape room’ and tell that group what they think happened. If they get the crime scene right the group will just say, “yes you got it right!” and if you got it wrong they will just say “no you didn’t get it right”. After all the crime scene are done Miss Major will read all the crime scenes and what actually happened. I really enjoyed this activity because we had to use our brains to solve different crime scenes!

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