Paper Airplanes Soar Through Grade 6!

Paper Airplanes Soar Through Grade 6! 
By Ben

         On Thursday june 2 Ms.Majors class went flying through the hallways with their paper airplanes. Ms.Majors class was having a competition to see how far and how accurate the paper airplanes could get. The paper airplanes ended up hitting the walls going straight and going far. They went far because of the thrust that the thrower was giving them and because the light wind pushed them.They smashed into the walls because of the wind current wich they caught. They went all over the place because they were too light. One paper airplane was really heavy and that was the airplane that was most successful because it was aerodynamic.The paper airplane that was most accurate was the same airplane because it cut through the air and was heavy so the light wind didn't take it away. So the most successful plane ended up being the heaviest plane which weirdly looked like a dart. That is the end of this majestically flying blog.

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