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Math Warriors

Math Warriors By Mac
So our teacher Miss Major came up with this club  called ‘math warriors’. It’s basically when you go to the classroom every wednesday and learn or play math related games. Math Warriors is pretty fun because you learn math and play games at the same time and it helps kids to learn better when they are having fun. Sometimes you get pretzles or other snacks but those are on rare occasions, I recommend going because it’s really fun. My favorite game that we played at math warriors was the multiplicattion game where you basically do all the facts up to 9 on a clocked type table that we taped on a wall, the teams had to run up and write a multiple of a number shown on the clock and whichever team does all of them first, wins.

The Crime Scene: Escape Room Edition

On Thursday June 21 and Friday June 22, 6M had to come up with their own crime scene in groups. After the groups had made up their crime scenes, Miss Major will ask a group on a list of people who is going. They will set up their crime scene however they want, then 3 different groups will go in and try to figure out the crime scene of that group or what happend. They will have 7 minutes to figure out their crime. When their time is out, they will go out of the ‘escape room’ and tell that group what they think happened. If they get the crime scene right the group will just say, “yes you got it right!” and if you got it wrong they will just say “no you didn’t get it right”. After all the crime scene are done Miss Major will read all the crime scenes and what actually happened. I really enjoyed this activity because we had to use our brains to solve different crime scenes!

The Gliding Parachutes

The gliding parachutes in grade 6! By Daiki
June 8th, 2018 We were at the top of the stairs at the new school and we all had are magnificent idea of parachutes and we used our creative brain set and used materials that we usually use for shopping. We first learned the forces of air like thrust,drag,lift and weight. It was a fun learning and I honestly liked learning about the four forces of flight.
One of the best part was when we put a egg in the carrier and let the parachutes drift some didn't work as they thought and the eggs broke into many pieces with the yoke coming out it was one of are funnest science experiments. I love science!         

Baseball With The Seniors

Baseball with the Seniors
By Quintin Thursday June 7th, 6M went to the highschool field to play baseball with the seniors. Everybody was determined to beat the seniors for the first time. Some of the seniors would get some of the grade 6 to run for them while they swing the bat, after everyone's effort the seniors won again! Everybody was ready to eat lunch after swinging the bat and running. It was a great morning!

Dancing Up a Storm

Dancing Up a Storm By Logan
BES was dancing up a storm in the gym on friday in a well deserved dance show after. A well deserved dance show show runned by kim the dance teacher it was an amazing site to see. After all the students practised so hard. One of the favorites was the grade six dance because of the choice of song and the difficulty of making a river all in sync with all the students. One of my favorite grades dance was the grade sevens because all the teachers joined. Many students look forward to it happening again next year.

Marching to the Marsh

Marching to the Marsh By: Tia
Last friday we went on a field trip to the cave and basin at first we were going to go and do the hike at  surprise corner on tunnel mountain but there was an aggressive elk around the area. So we all took a bus to the cave and basin, once we were there we started to identify different types of leaves and plants. After we finished our first worksheet we walked down the boardwalk to the marsh by the bow river. When we got down to the marsh we started to identify the bark,leaves and needles on a willow and a spruce tree. After we finished the worksheet we go some free time down there to look at the fish and plants in the marsh then we walked over to the museum and looked around in there. Finally it was lunch time and we ate at the picnic tables once we were done eating we went to the rec grounds and had some free time and went back to class.

Paper Airplanes Soar Through Grade 6!

Paper Airplanes Soar Through Grade 6!  By Ben
         On Thursday june 2 Ms.Majors class went flying through the hallways with their paper airplanes. Ms.Majors class was having a competition to see how far and how accurate the paper airplanes could get. The paper airplanes ended up hitting the walls going straight and going far. They went far because of the thrust that the thrower was giving them and because the light wind pushed them.They smashed into the walls because of the wind current wich they caught. They went all over the place because they were too light. One paper airplane was really heavy and that was the airplane that was most successful because it was aerodynamic.The paper airplane that was most accurate was the same airplane because it cut through the air and was heavy so the light wind didn't take it away. So the most successful plane ended up being the heaviest plane which weirdly looked like a dart. That is the end of this majestically flying blog.