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Grade 6 Curling Adventures

Grade 6 Curling Adventures By Renz
Grade 6 went a curling adventure thanks to the PAUW foundation. Curling was fun everyone was a really good sport and everyone loved it. We went curling 4 times and then we went to the tournament this past Wednesday.  I learned how to curl and I learned a lot from curling even  how much it costs to upkeep the curling rink. Well I think I   got the hang of it. I learned how to slide and push a really heavy rock all the way down to the button. I am glad we got to go curling because now I enjoy it instead of thinking it is boring.

Grade 6 We Day

Grade 6 We Day By Hershey

We day a time of celebrating being one. Celebrating people making a difference and especially standing up and making the world a better place. All of us had a lot of fun. We saw a lot of cool and inspiring people who make a difference. For me, the hosts were really cool. Summer from wonder was there and a guy named Stuart was there. He didn't have any feet and he walked with his hands.  Stuart had a talk show in we day.  He talked with Miss Universe and that was really cool. He talked with many other people. Another thing that made the show fun was the two djs they were cool. They made us laugh jump and sing also scream. There were a lot of schools that made a difference for the world all of them got seen by this big white light that was hanging on the roof then got introduced by Summer. Well that's what we day is all about making a difference.    


Thanksgiving By Clare
Thanksgiving is important to me because it is a time to gather with friends and give thanks for what we have, not what we don't have. Although most families celebrate Thanksgiving, everyone celebrates in a different way or at a different time. My family celebrates by going over to our friends house and eating turkey and chocolate cake.

Election Day at BES

Election Day at BES By Talia
Today, Banff is having an municipal election. Grade 6 from BES is putting together the student vote for this year gr 4,5,6 and 7. My group is campaigning for Wade Rettie. Each group is campaigning for a different candidate. First we had to search up information on what our candidate wants to do if they gets elected. Then we had created a public service announcement to share with BES. It was a bit challenging because there was not a lot of information on our candidate.  Learning about the election is important because if we need to be responsible citizens and vote.

BES Terry Fox Run

BES Terry Fox Run By Kayden
Terry Fox is a Canadian boy, he attempted to run across Canada. He died June 28, 1981. He ran to raise money for cancer research. The Terry Fox run is important because it raises money for people like Terry, who have cancer. BES did a Terry Fox run and everyone brought a toonie for Terry. Some of the kids ran in the high school field and some ran to the Bow Falls and back. There was lots of kids encouraging littler kids and helping people who need it. Overall, it was a great day for a great cause!   

Our Assembly with Jesse Miller

Our Assembly with Jesse Miller By Georgia

Researcher Jesse Miller came to our school to teach us how to properly use social media. He taught us that we should not post information about other people without their permission. Also that we should really think about what we are about to post. Think if your parents or even your teacher saw this how would you feel about it. Make sure that your parent or guardian knows that you are using this app. These are important to know so then you are not bullying others or getting in trouble. I learnt that you should not post anything that you don't have permission to or that you should not post a post if you are not comfortable with other people seeing.

Nature Explorers: Trees and Forests

Nature Explorers: Trees and Forests By Cale
On Tuesday September 14 we went on our first nature explorers trip. We walked to the Fenland Loop to learn about trees and forests with Lynx. We learned about what trees leaves look like and what shrub berries look like and how to identify trees. We did four leaf rubbings of these following trees/shrubs: wild rose, dogwood, willow and mayday tree. I am excited to learn what forest can do and how they help us live.   

Welcome to 6M!

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s),                                                                                I am very excited to begin the 2017 – 2018! We will be doing many exciting lessons and inquiry projects that will engage all students in their learning.
I recognize that in order to be successful in school, our children need support from both the home and school. A strong partnership with you will make a great difference in your child’s education. As partners, we share the responsibility for your child’s success and I want you to know that I will do my very best to help your child reach their full potential. Working as a team will motivate your child to persevere and see how striving for success is always a rewarding experience.
I will be using this class blog to post reminders, assignments and useful resources. Please check on a regular basis as this will be helpful with communication between school and home. Students will also take turns updating the home page with information a…

Perfect Parachutes

Perfect Parachutes

By Gabe
Last week our class had a friendly competition whose parachute could float the longest in the air. We had a few days to make and tweek our parachutes. The most popular material was plastic bag with a few exceptions. The traditional parachute was a plastic bag tied with string some had holes on top some had places for the weight.
At first I thought my parachute was fine until we attached a weight and it fell. Me and my partner decided we needed to tweak our parachute. First we found what was wrong. Our bag had lots of small holes. We decided to patch them with tape like the other groups were doing.

It wasn't easy locating the holes but we did it. Most parachutes floated side to side or straight down. The challenge was not easy but it was fun anyway! Overall we learned it's not easy building parachutes and that the best parachute had the most drag which slowed it down.

Amazing Art

Amazing Art! By Andrea
In art we have been drawing animals that are important to the First Nations. Like the deer, eagles, wolves, whales and others. The first step to making the art was writing why the animals were important to the First Nations. Then we had to draw a rough copy of what it would look like on white paper. After that we would draw our animal on black paper and colour it in oil pastels and use many varieties of colour. At the end we would cut it out and glue it on a bright piece of paper.

I liked making this art because it was lots of fun and creative. The only challenging thing was making sure that you didn’t mess up on the black paper.

School Dance Day

School Dance Day!
By Justin

Last week we had dance that we have been learning for months. it's was fun and it  was kinda hard because we had to dance to three different songs. It was kinda hard because it had to changes songs a lot and in the end we had to get our reading buddies and dance with them and show some moves.
Overall it was fun and it was funny to watch some of the dances but it was good. I liked the teachers dance the best. I like it because some of the kids didn't know that the teachers were going to dance and the song is good.

The Grant Project!

The Grant Project! By Cameron
We have very generously been donated $6000 to our school and it is up to the grade 6 classes to decide what to do with it! We are working on developing ideas that will benefit our community the most.
We asked two people from all classes in the school on what they what for the town with a sheet of paper with questions. After we did survey we calculated up all the data onto one big chart. After that each group started a planner of what they wanted to see in the town that could be built in our time frame and would cost 6,000 dollars or less. Then there will be a MOCK (fake) town council meeting on May 11th where all groups will present their idea to the council and then the council will decide on one. We are lucky enough to have the (real) Mayor Sorenson help to run our meeting.

This task has been both hard and easy. It depends a lot on if you are willing to work with the people in your group, or if your friends with someone in your group, or if you don't …

Sky Science is Out of this World!

Sky Science is Out of this World! By Foster

We made a solar system out of papermache so we can learn about planets in a different way. First we picked our planets by pulling popsicle sticks and choosing the one we were most interested in. Next we researched our planets only using trusted websites. We researched interesting facts, appearance, diameter, rotation and revolution period, and weather of our planets. Our next step was building a replica of our planet. We built our planets using papermache and balloons. We needed to know the colour and texture of our planets to be able to replicate them accurately. Finally we presented our research and slide to the class. You can see the presentations under the science section of the blog.
We had some challenges with group work like people not doing their jobs. This project was easy for me because I was interested in the planet I was researching so I actually wanted to do my work. One fact I learned about Mercury is that the surface area is lik…

Creating FACES of each Moon PHASE

Creating FACES of each Moon PHASE
By Kaleb
We are learning about the moon phases in class. It doesnt sound like the most fun topic but Miss Major is making it very fun! Last Friday we made the moon phases out of the icing on oreos.
There are 8 phases of the moon and it takes 29.5 days to cycle through. Making the oreo moon phases helped us learn because it engaged us in our learning. It was easier for me to remember the phases by actually making them. It was very fun and we had to strive for accuracy and persist.

Learning the FUN-damentals of Graphing

Learning the FUN-damentals of Graphing
By Mathias
This week we conducted really fun experiments in math to practice our data collecting and graphing skills.

Here are the steps we followed to conduct our experiments in math class!  First we needed to come up with a suitable idea that could be tested. Once we had our idea we needed a good question for example my question was, "what is the most popular snack in grade 6". Some of the materials I used where crackers and vanilla yogurt! Then we had to set up a tally chart that implemented intervals. An interval is a set of numbers in between numbers like 0-5,5-11,11-16 etc... After all the writing was done we got to conduct our experiments! We had fun doing each others experiments. Then it was time to record the data we attained during our experiment and put the info into a graph.

 I honestly quite enjoyed this activity and believed it was a little bit difficult for myself  because it was hard to come up with a good, testable que…

BES Green Team

Green Team
By Joyce
The green team is a group of kids in grade 6 that help our school more green. When I say green I mean healthier for the environment.  We have been looking at doing more of the following: recycling paper, juice boxes, yogurt containers, turning off lights and not wasting water. Last week there was a group of green spies that went around the school and observed the classrooms for being green. We noticed that a lot of classrooms were not being as green as they could! Our next step is to give each class compost bins and recycling bins. Looking forward to a cleaner and greener school!

Classroom Kindness Challenge

Class Kindness Challenge By Ethan 
What is it? Every day, Miss Major puts up a calendar that has different acts of kindness. We roll a dice, and what ever number it is we have to complete the square. It is a doing something kind. We started doing this to try to make other people happy and to be kind and to show respect. 
Some activities we have done are; -smile at 25 people -sit with someone you don't usually sit with at lunch -write an anonymous note to someone -compliment 5 different people.
I feel it is a good idea to make someone feel happy and just to be kind to someone because it makes the world a better place!

Visiting the Daycare Grade 6 Demonstrates the CUBS Code By Mary
Every Thursday miss major picks people to go to the daycare centre to play and interact with kids. Each of us have a certain theme we are looking for like caring understanding belonging and safety. when we are there we teach the kids to socialize because some kids dont talk to one another. what we also do is we play with them and try to convince them to play with new kids and to be polite kind and helpful to their teachers and friends.we hope they were happy and one thing i learned is that it is important to help keep the kids safe and be positive role models.we also had fun playing with them and we hope we can come back to the Daycare centre.