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WE Day Adventures

WE Day Adventures By Charly
WE Day is a day when people come together and talk about how to be a good citizen and how to contribute to your community. The presenters give everyone ideas on how to make a difference and they said that you should make a difference in your community and in the world. There were singers,speakers and even some dancers. They showed us how to do the we day dance and some other dancers came in, the most famous band was Classified and the coolest speakers were Chris Hadfield, Margaret Trudeau, Rick Hanson and Paula Abdul. 
You could also by souvenirs like t-shirts bag and the coolest bracelets the bracelets are hand made by African Mothers and the all stood for different thing the options are food, water, education, and opportunity. The one you bought would go to the fund. For example, if you bought the education bracelet, the money would help a girl go to school in a WE Village in Africa.
By going to WE Day I will help the SPCA by collecting bottles and donat…

Fantastic Forest Art

Fantastic ForestArt By: Mark                                  

For the last two weeks we have been doing art which also involves our work in science. We are learning about trees and forests and that includes producers, decomposers and consumers. Each group has a different responsibility. Landscape is on huge paper where every group adds their art! So far it has been a fun experience for each group. I am excited to see how it looks at the end!

Music Madness

Music Madness By Marshall
Well our music lessons have always been exciting. The last few weeks we were able to go on the computers and make are own (or with a partner) electronic music on incredibox! If you don't know what it is go to We have created our own mix and we will put it on a c.d for our friends and family to listen to. It is the best music lesson we have ever had! Stay tuned...

Water Cycle

The Amazing Water Cycle! By Wyatt
The water cycle has many different parts. Ground water forms underground in cracks and spaces in the soil. The roots of trees absorb the water and it evaporates through transpiration. Transpiration is kinda like sweating! Plants lose the water that has been absorbed through the atmosphere. Next, the water vapor collects and forms in the sky. The water vapour cools down and becomes water again which is called condensation. Then water falls from the sky in rain, sleet, snow or hail and this is called precipitation. Finally, the water gets collected in puddles, lakes, rivers, glaciers and oceans. This is the water cycle!
We created colourful and fun foldables that is an easy way to see what each step of the water cycle is. We also made a water cycle in a bag that hangs on our classroom window. Everyday, we can observe the water evaporating and the water vapor forming. It was a lot of fun!

Photo Day!
By Mischa
School picture day is coming up and its pretty special for the grades 6s. It's our last time having school picture day here at BES! School pictures can flow out nice or really, really bad. Most of grade 6 is excited but nervous because next year we are in another school taking pictures somewhere else. 
Photo day is Tuesday, October 4th. Some things to remember: -wear nice, clean clothes -do your hair -SMILE!