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Making Maps With Lynx

Making Maps with Lynx
By Darby
In the morning Lynx taught us how to use a compass and some survival skills for if your lost we also talked about how to use the stars to tell the directions. When we got to the cascade gardens we split into groups and spread out. We all made maps to  and hid a coloured marker for the other groups to find. We used a compass to tell the direction (baring) and degrees and we used paces to mark how many steps to take. Lynx told us about your dominant foot and if you plan to walk in a straight line you need to choose a landmark or else you will end up walking in a circle. The best part was getting to choose where you want to make your map and                                       using teamwork to get it done and working. The most challenging part was making sure your compass is facing the right direction, keeping count on your paces and making sure it makes sense. Knowing this skill is useful if you are hiking and get lost, because sometimes our phones don’t al…

Book Cafe

Book Cafe
By Amber
This week, Miss Major had something special planned for her class. She started the BookCafe! The purpose for the book cafe is for students to find the right book to read that is on their level. We were given a sticky note that had a coloured dot on it. She gave us those sticky notes to find a certain book that has a sticky note on it with same colour dot. We were even given menus, where we can write down short summaries and rate  the books that we read. Miss Major, also gave us all snacks everytime we rotated to a different book. She gave us an appetizer (magic reading beans), an entree (book worms) and dessert (bookmarks). Overall, it was a really fun experience and we got to learn a lot about how to choose books for our literacy circles.

The Grickle Grass Town Council

The Lorax Presentation
By Mickale

Kids from 6M has been doing a project about the book called “The Lorax”. They have to make an argument in certain roles and present it to “The Grickle Grass Council”. Miss Major kept a secret on who the mayor will be for our “Grickle Grass Council”. Eventually when it was the day to present our projects to the council, the mayor was KAREN SORENSEN!!! We told her what our arguments were and why we don’t want the thneed factories and why we do need the thneed factories, once Karen Sorensen heard our arguments, she decided to keep the thneed factories, but, they have to ask permission to the town/city if they could build one there. They also need to make sure that the animals and plants were not causing any trouble from the thneed factory. The council agreed too (Craig). So, the thneed will be still built in a good way and no harm.