Marching to the Marsh

Marching to the Marsh
By: Tia

Last friday we went on a field trip to the cave and basin at first we were going to go and do the hike at  surprise corner on tunnel mountain but there was an aggressive elk around the area. So we all took a bus to the cave and basin, once we were there we started to identify different types of leaves and plants. After we finished our first worksheet we walked down the boardwalk to the marsh by the bow river. When we got down to the marsh we started to identify the bark,leaves and needles on a willow and a spruce tree. After we finished the worksheet we go some free time down there to look at the fish and plants in the marsh then we walked over to the museum and looked around in there. Finally it was lunch time and we ate at the picnic tables once we were done eating we went to the rec grounds and had some free time and went back to class.

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