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Grade 6 Learns the Order of Operations

Today during Math Class we practiced the order of operations. After a few BEDMAS hopscotch rounds we reflected in our journals. A great day of learning in 6M!

Check out our Twitter for a video of the Hopscotch Activity!

An Interactive Moon Phase Activity!

Today we learned about the phases of the Moon and how long its cycle takes. We used Oreo cookies to help us recognize that the moon phases are regular and predictable. Ask your child to describe the cycle of its phases (beware, they may ask for cookies!) 

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events
A few reminders for this week:
Thursday, February 11-Nature Explorers We will be practicing our orienteering skills at Cascade Gardens. Please make sure your child is prepared for our Mountain weather!
Friday, February 12-Valentines Day Party We will be celebrating Valentines Day at 11:00 am. The students will have the opportunity to exchange cards if they wish. 
February 15-19 Family Day and Teacher Convention No school for students. 
Tuesday, February 23-Chapter 3 Math Test Please help your child practice their study habits over the break in order to prepare for the upcoming unit test. Helpful resources can be found under the Math Padlet Site. 

Enjoy your break everyone!

Practicing our Journalist Skills!

Today we were very fortunate to have former NHL player Garry Unger visit our class to conduct an interview with one of our Junior Journalists. He spoke to our class briefly and had some very inspirational words about following our dreams and pursuing our passions in life. We are currently in editing mode of our newspaper. Stay tuned! What an exciting day in Grade 6!