Building A Model

Building a Model
By Erin
       Almost every science period Sandra Becker from the university from Calgary  comes to our class to do research, then we go to the makerspace lab to work on our models. Our models are a deep thinking question about sky science that we did research on, to eventually start building a model to show the answer to our question. Some of our questions changed after doing some research. We have to use flexible thinking because maybe the model that we had in mind doesn't work, so we have to change it to make it work. At the end of every work period we write in our log books. We use the log book because it shows our thinking throughout the process of making our models.

        My question is, why is there microgravity in space? My question has changed after doing some research. It is now why do planets orbit. This relates back to my original question because the answer is because of the sun's gravity. My model is the moon, the sun and earth. Earth and the moon are orbiting the sun, by hanging from a box from string then they get pulled by a paper clip.  

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