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We Went Curling!

We Went Curling! By Harvy
This week the grade 6's went curling! 
Curling is a sport and the equipment that we use is a rock and a broom.You try to get the rock into the house if you want to get the rock faster you sweep it with the broom. 
In the Philippines nobody even knows about curling because the weather is always hot and in one or two weeks the ice will melt easily because of the weather. The sports that are only famous is Basketball, Badminton, Boxing, and Volleyball. I really liked curling because it is really fun but a bit challenging.    
I'm really looking forward at getting better at curling mostly at throwing the rock harder and trying to not fall when using the sliders.

A World of Kindness

A World of KindnessBy: Iri
Make someone smile! It is the day where you are kind to everyone. The day where you make someone's day. Today, November 15th is Kindness day!! In our class, we have been writing kindness notes to teachers and to our classmates. When we came in the classroom and saw those notes on our desks with kind and thoughtful messages, it just made our day. I bet when the teachers saw their messages it made theirday too. Being kind isn't very hard. Just one little thing can make someone's day and maybe even your day. Like, holding the door for someone. Or picking up garbage and making less garbage. Or even saying "Thank you". How easy is that! Just one little thing can make a HUGE difference to the world. November 15th is kindness day but always remember that it's not the only kindness day. Miss Major says EVERY SINGLE DAY is kindness day. Let's work together and make a world full of kindness 💗

Volleyball in Phys Ed

Volleyball in Phys Ed
By: Shawn
We have started by learning how to play volleyball in Phys Ed. In the Philippines we don't play volleyball but we play basketball. This is the first time I am ever playing volleyball.
We are learning how to hit the ball correctly and how to pass the ball to other people. Some skills that we learned so far is volley, bump and serve
I enjoy our Phys Ed class now because it teaches me all the skills we need to know about volleyball so that I can become a good player. I like working as a team because I like how we cooperate and how we communicate with each other during the game. 

Water Bottle Flipping

Water Bottle Flipping By: Haruki 
Guess what our science experiment was? If you guessed water bottle flipping you are correct! How did just flipping a bottle get so popular? It has become a YouTube sensation. Anyway our science experiment was awesome this week. We did things that we had to do like pick four water bottles that you want to use. Next we had to see how tall, how much liquid it can hold and we had to draw it. Then we decided how much water to put in whether it was half full or one third. We did a couple practice flips then we got started and recorded our flips out of 15, 25, or 50 tosses.
After this experiment we found our perfect bottle. We conducted another experiment where we used our perfect bottle and we picked 4 different water levels. We repeated the experiment and recorded our results.
We practiced our habits of mind of persisting and striving for accuracy. We learned how to conduct an experiment and had a lot of fun while doing it!

A Spooky Halloween

A Spooky Halloween! By: Kenneth
We celebrated Halloween at Banff Elementary School. We had a parade in the gym with teachers, students, principals and the parents. We wore costumes like scary monsters, heroes, villains etc. After the parade, we had a party in the classroom. 
We ate apple crumble, banana bread, fruit, veggies, chips and salsa. We also played board games, danced to Halloween music and we carved our class pumpkin. Some kids counted how many seeds were in the pumpkin. There was a total of 590 seeds in our medium sized pumpkin!
I had a lot of fun celebrating Halloween in our classroom!