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Amazing Art

Amazing Art! By Andrea
In art we have been drawing animals that are important to the First Nations. Like the deer, eagles, wolves, whales and others. The first step to making the art was writing why the animals were important to the First Nations. Then we had to draw a rough copy of what it would look like on white paper. After that we would draw our animal on black paper and colour it in oil pastels and use many varieties of colour. At the end we would cut it out and glue it on a bright piece of paper.

I liked making this art because it was lots of fun and creative. The only challenging thing was making sure that you didn’t mess up on the black paper.

School Dance Day

School Dance Day!
By Justin

Last week we had dance that we have been learning for months. it's was fun and it  was kinda hard because we had to dance to three different songs. It was kinda hard because it had to changes songs a lot and in the end we had to get our reading buddies and dance with them and show some moves.
Overall it was fun and it was funny to watch some of the dances but it was good. I liked the teachers dance the best. I like it because some of the kids didn't know that the teachers were going to dance and the song is good.

The Grant Project!

The Grant Project! By Cameron
We have very generously been donated $6000 to our school and it is up to the grade 6 classes to decide what to do with it! We are working on developing ideas that will benefit our community the most.
We asked two people from all classes in the school on what they what for the town with a sheet of paper with questions. After we did survey we calculated up all the data onto one big chart. After that each group started a planner of what they wanted to see in the town that could be built in our time frame and would cost 6,000 dollars or less. Then there will be a MOCK (fake) town council meeting on May 11th where all groups will present their idea to the council and then the council will decide on one. We are lucky enough to have the (real) Mayor Sorenson help to run our meeting.

This task has been both hard and easy. It depends a lot on if you are willing to work with the people in your group, or if your friends with someone in your group, or if you don't …