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The Canmore Museum

The Canmore Museum By Maddy    
Last week, the grade 6’s went to the Canmore museum. We talked about some characters that lived in Canmore.  Each person had a twin that was the same character. We had to introduce the character that we were to some other people. It was hard for me to describe my character because I speak french. We also learned how the Canmore community passed some laws. To help us to understand, we picked a group that you wanted to be in (wildlife, medicine, construction). After, we decided on the laws as a group. Finally, we took a look at the museum. The trip was very good.

Iroquois Decision Making

Iroquois decision making By: Mairi
This past week we have been working on learning the decision making process for the Iroquois. In class, we worked on either a flowchart or sketch notes of the decision making process. A lot of people didn't completely understand, so we tried it. We had to decide what day to hold our science test. We were divided up into tribes, Mohawk, Seneca, Oneida, Cayuga and Onondaga. First, the tribes of Mohawk and Seneca made a decision by consensus. They chose wednesday. Then the tribes of Oneida and Cayuga come to a consensus. They chose tuesday. And the Onondaga chose monday. So we tried again. That time, we switched. Mohawk and Seneca chose tuesday, and Cayuga and Oneida chose wednesday. The Onondaga chose monday again. So we tried again. This time, Seneca, Oneida, Cayuga and Mohawk agreed on tuesday. The Onondaga chose monday. So we tried again. The four tribes agreed on tuesday again. But the onondaga chose monday again! So our clan mother, miss major h…