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Our Assembly with Jesse Miller

Our Assembly with Jesse Miller By Georgia

Researcher Jesse Miller came to our school to teach us how to properly use social media. He taught us that we should not post information about other people without their permission. Also that we should really think about what we are about to post. Think if your parents or even your teacher saw this how would you feel about it. Make sure that your parent or guardian knows that you are using this app. These are important to know so then you are not bullying others or getting in trouble. I learnt that you should not post anything that you don't have permission to or that you should not post a post if you are not comfortable with other people seeing.

Nature Explorers: Trees and Forests

Nature Explorers: Trees and Forests By Cale
On Tuesday September 14 we went on our first nature explorers trip. We walked to the Fenland Loop to learn about trees and forests with Lynx. We learned about what trees leaves look like and what shrub berries look like and how to identify trees. We did four leaf rubbings of these following trees/shrubs: wild rose, dogwood, willow and mayday tree. I am excited to learn what forest can do and how they help us live.