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Grade 6 We Day

Grade 6 We Day By Hershey

We day a time of celebrating being one. Celebrating people making a difference and especially standing up and making the world a better place. All of us had a lot of fun. We saw a lot of cool and inspiring people who make a difference. For me, the hosts were really cool. Summer from wonder was there and a guy named Stuart was there. He didn't have any feet and he walked with his hands.  Stuart had a talk show in we day.  He talked with Miss Universe and that was really cool. He talked with many other people. Another thing that made the show fun was the two djs they were cool. They made us laugh jump and sing also scream. There were a lot of schools that made a difference for the world all of them got seen by this big white light that was hanging on the roof then got introduced by Summer. Well that's what we day is all about making a difference.