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Learning the FUN-damentals of Graphing

Learning the FUN-damentals of Graphing
By Mathias
This week we conducted really fun experiments in math to practice our data collecting and graphing skills.

Here are the steps we followed to conduct our experiments in math class!  First we needed to come up with a suitable idea that could be tested. Once we had our idea we needed a good question for example my question was, "what is the most popular snack in grade 6". Some of the materials I used where crackers and vanilla yogurt! Then we had to set up a tally chart that implemented intervals. An interval is a set of numbers in between numbers like 0-5,5-11,11-16 etc... After all the writing was done we got to conduct our experiments! We had fun doing each others experiments. Then it was time to record the data we attained during our experiment and put the info into a graph.

 I honestly quite enjoyed this activity and believed it was a little bit difficult for myself  because it was hard to come up with a good, testable que…

BES Green Team

Green Team
By Joyce
The green team is a group of kids in grade 6 that help our school more green. When I say green I mean healthier for the environment.  We have been looking at doing more of the following: recycling paper, juice boxes, yogurt containers, turning off lights and not wasting water. Last week there was a group of green spies that went around the school and observed the classrooms for being green. We noticed that a lot of classrooms were not being as green as they could! Our next step is to give each class compost bins and recycling bins. Looking forward to a cleaner and greener school!

Classroom Kindness Challenge

Class Kindness Challenge By Ethan 
What is it? Every day, Miss Major puts up a calendar that has different acts of kindness. We roll a dice, and what ever number it is we have to complete the square. It is a doing something kind. We started doing this to try to make other people happy and to be kind and to show respect. 
Some activities we have done are; -smile at 25 people -sit with someone you don't usually sit with at lunch -write an anonymous note to someone -compliment 5 different people.
I feel it is a good idea to make someone feel happy and just to be kind to someone because it makes the world a better place!