Sky Science is Out of this World!

Sky Science is Out of this World!
By Foster

We made a solar system out of papermache so we can learn about planets in a different way. First we picked our planets by pulling popsicle sticks and choosing the one we were most interested in. Next we researched our planets only using trusted websites. We researched interesting facts, appearance, diameter, rotation and revolution period, and weather of our planets. Our next step was building a replica of our planet. We built our planets using papermache and balloons. We needed to know the colour and texture of our planets to be able to replicate them accurately. Finally we presented our research and slide to the class. You can see the presentations under the science section of the blog.

We had some challenges with group work like people not doing their jobs. This project was easy for me because I was interested in the planet I was researching so I actually wanted to do my work. One fact I learned about Mercury is that the surface area is like no other planet in the solar system!

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