Perfect Parachutes

Perfect Parachutes

By Gabe

Last week our class had a friendly competition whose parachute could float the longest in the air.
We had a few days to make and tweek our parachutes. The most popular material was plastic bag with a few exceptions. The traditional parachute was a plastic bag tied with string some had holes on top some had places for the weight.

At first I thought my parachute was fine until we attached a weight and it fell. Me and my partner decided we needed to tweak our parachute. First we found what was wrong. Our bag had lots of small holes. We decided to patch them with tape like the other groups were doing.

It wasn't easy locating the holes but we did it. Most parachutes floated side to side or straight down. The challenge was not easy but it was fun anyway! Overall we learned it's not easy building parachutes and that the best parachute had the most drag which slowed it down.

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