Water Bottle Flipping

Water Bottle Flipping
By: Haruki 

Guess what our science experiment was? If you guessed water bottle flipping you are correct! How did just flipping a bottle get so popular? It has become a YouTube sensation. Anyway our science experiment was awesome this week. We did things that we had to do like pick four water bottles that you want to use. Next we had to see how tall, how much liquid it can hold and we had to draw it. Then we decided how much water to put in whether it was half full or one third. We did a couple practice flips then we got started and recorded our flips out of 15, 25, or 50 tosses.

After this experiment we found our perfect bottle. We conducted another experiment where we used our perfect bottle and we picked 4 different water levels. We repeated the experiment and recorded our results.

We practiced our habits of mind of persisting and striving for accuracy. We learned how to conduct an experiment and had a lot of fun while doing it!

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