A World of Kindness

A World of KindnessBy: Iri

Make someone smile! It is the day where you are kind to everyone. The day where you make someone's day. Today, November 15th is Kindness day!! In our class, we have been writing kindness notes to teachers and to our classmates. When we came in the classroom and saw those notes on our desks with kind and thoughtful messages, it just made our day. I bet when the teachers saw their messages it made their day too. Being kind isn't very hard. Just one little thing can make someone's day and maybe even your day. Like, holding the door for someone. Or picking up garbage and making less garbage. Or even saying "Thank you". How easy is that! Just one little thing can make a HUGE difference to the world. November 15th is kindness day but always remember that it's not the only kindness day. Miss Major says EVERY SINGLE DAY is kindness day. Let's work together and make a world full of kindness 💗

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