WE Day Adventures

WE Day Adventures
By Charly

WE Day is a day when people come together and talk about how to be a good citizen and how to contribute to your community. The presenters give everyone ideas on how to make a difference and they said that you should make a difference in your community and in the world. There were singers,speakers and even some dancers. They showed us how to do the we day dance and some other dancers came in, the most famous band was Classified and the coolest speakers were Chris Hadfield, Margaret Trudeau, Rick Hanson and Paula Abdul. 

You could also by souvenirs like t-shirts bag and the coolest bracelets the bracelets are hand made by African Mothers and the all stood for different thing the options are food, water, education, and opportunity. The one you bought would go to the fund. For example, if you bought the education bracelet, the money would help a girl go to school in a WE Village in Africa.

By going to WE Day I will help the SPCA by collecting bottles and donating the money. All the people there inspired me to do something for my community and by doing positive things you inspire people to do something positive as well.

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