Water Cycle

The Amazing Water Cycle!
By Wyatt

The water cycle has many different parts. Ground water forms underground in cracks and spaces in the soil. The roots of trees absorb the water and it evaporates through transpiration. Transpiration is kinda like sweating! Plants lose the water that has been absorbed through the atmosphere. Next, the water vapor collects and forms in the sky. The water vapour cools down and becomes water again which is called condensation. Then water falls from the sky in rain, sleet, snow or hail and this is called precipitation. Finally, the water gets collected in puddles, lakes, rivers, glaciers and oceans. This is the water cycle!

We created colourful and fun foldables that is an easy way to see what each step of the water cycle is. We also made a water cycle in a bag that hangs on our classroom window. Everyday, we can observe the water evaporating and the water vapor forming. It was a lot of fun!

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