Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

By: Anika

Terry Fox is a Canadian  hero. He wanted to run all the way around the world to raise money for cancer. Terry Fox wanted to raise this money not only for all the children and people with cancer but for himself because he had bone cancer. Terry Fox did not let this cancer stop him. He went through
16 painful and  draining  months of chemo. He fought and persisted all the way.Terry raced through Canadian towns and cities while people cheered him on. Everyone loved him.
Terry had to end his run as the pain and cancer spread in Thunder Bay he could not continue.

Every year communities across Canada raise money and run for Terry and other people who have or are battling cancer. BES is challenging every student to bring a toonie for Terry to help support cancer research. Our school will have our assembly to remember Terry on Wednesday, September 28th at 1:00 pm. We will be joining BCHS and running on Thursday,  September, 29 at 10 am. Lets make a difference BES!    


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